Hurricane Sandy – 1 Week Later

I grew up in Point Pleasant, NJ and have fond memories of the Jersey Shore.  I recently went back to aid my family with the damage that Sandy left in it’s path.  I was raised to always and forever respect the ocean.  The ocean allows us the joys it holds, but always demands respect.  In a short afternoon, the great force was displayed in a violent mix of tides, winds, a full moon and utter destruction.  Things can always be worse, and we’re lucky to have something to even take pictures of.  My heart goes out to those left behind to pick up the pieces and decide what stays and what gets dumped on the ever-growing pile on the curb.  It is nice to be back home and away from the melody of generators, but the despair felt and the hope shared will live on for a long time.  Jersey Strong!!


I should mention that for some reason there were pelicans at the inlet!  This is not normal, and I apologize for taking so many pictures of them.  I just Love pelicans!!  Also, I wanted to post all these photos in full size, but in interest of not being overwhelmingly endless, I made some smaller than others.